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Metaverse Fundraising is not a typical UK based digital charity marketing consultancy – We have experience working with a huge range of charities to raise funds through Web3/blockchain technologies.  Metaverse Fundraising is ideal for charities, social impact groups, faith-based organisations, and more who need transparent, powerful fundraising using NFT’s to increase their contributed income. 

We collectively offer over 40 years experience of working in and with the voluntary sector. We have identified growth opportunities and established strategies that have enabled charities to rapidly increase donations.


Regular Donations

A monthly donation from you could make a big difference and will help to support our work around the world.

We receive no funding from any government organisation. We rely entirely on voluntary donations like yours to fund our vital work. 


What We do

Expertise in the Non-profit Sector

Metaverse Fundraising was created after a number of digital marketing experts working within the nonprofit sector realised how expensive it was to work with traditional digital and creative agencies.

Metaverse Fundraising is the only online charity fundraising company that uses Web3 / Blockchain  technologies such as NFTs and smart contracts.


Metaverse Fundraising believes that online charitable fundraising via NFTs will scale further as the number of auctions and sales are growing unanimously across digital marketplaces like OpenSea.

“NFTs for charitable causes are attracting donors from all corners of the society, paving the way for redistribution of wealth to the lowest strata of the society. This also promotes equity and inclusion while presenting a global call to action.

Complete Transparency

Metaverse Fundraising is bringing transparency to charity fundraising. NFTs offer transparency as each transaction is recorded on the blockchain. Ownership records are maintained on a shared ledger on a variety of blockchains, and each transaction can be tracked easily, Multiple digital fundraising platforms can facilitate online charity fundraising campaigns.

Since each transaction is verified and documented, the chances of manipulating funds are minimal for charitable institutions. NFTs are one of the most secure and attractive ways to raise funds in today’s digital era.

Partnering with the best

World’s first Metaverse NFT Museum. The Metaverse NFT Arts Museum is designed to bring together artists, creators, collectors, and the broader blockchain community.

We work with reputed organisations worldwide, award-winning artists and celebrities to bring awareness to Crypto Philanthropy.

Global and decentralized

Most blockchain networks present high levels of decentralization, meaning that they do not need to rely on a centralized government or other institutions, thus funds can move directly from donors to charities.

The decentralized nature of blockchain makes it uniquely suitable for international transactions.

Digital agreements

Blockchain makes it easier to share and store digital data, and may also be used to ensure that important documents or contracts cannot be modified without the approval of all involved members.

Crypto-philanthropy promises notable advantages for charitable organizations and donors.

Reduced taxes

If a contribution is made with Bitcoin, the charity will get the full donated value (no capital gain taxes).

The donor would be able to claim a higher tax deduction towards governmental agencies.

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